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Our Process

Phase One: Initial (No Obligation) Conversation

You will contact Nottingham Adjustment’s public adjusters via phone 856-795-2462, email, or our FREE Consultation ‘No Fee if No Settlement’ form, and our Philadelphia / South Jersey based public adjuster team we will respond to you ASAP. The more information you can give us the better so we can fully address your questions and concerns.  We will raise some questions for you to think about, and schedule a meeting to inspect your damage.

Let’s set a time when you can be present on-site at your property.  During this meeting we will go over your insurance policy to understand the coverage’s we have to work with. It’s of critical importance to have a plan in place prior to meeting  with the insurance company.

NOTE: Nottingham, as your South Jersey public adjuster, is aware of the financial impact of a loss to your property and we promise to work thoroughly in resolving your claim in a timely manner.  Our experience has been that one part of your claim may be settled faster than others and if this can be done we will certainly work to get you paid without making the other parts of the claim vulnerable.

Fee Structure

Our fee structure is based upon what we are able to negotiate for you.  In other words, there are no out of pocket costs for you.  This means that we have a shared motivation to do everything possible to make sure you are fully compensated with your insurance payout settlement. One of the things we pride ourselves on is making sure the fees are understood upfront so there are no misunderstandings.

Phase Two: Investigating and Planning on Your Behalf

As your licensed South Jersey public adjuster, the first step is the analysis of your policy provisions and stipulations as they pertain to your loss. This thorough review is used to determine the coverage, limits and potential exclusions applying to your Philadelphia region / South Jersey property loss.

Phase Three: Property Damage Documentation

As the insured policyholder, you are required under the insurance policy to conform to the “Your Duties After A Loss” provision contained in your policy. This can be an involved and detailed process requiring time and expense to meet the requirements. As your claim representative, your Nottingham public adjuster will create an exact profile of your property so it reflects its true value and conforms to your insurance policy language. This in-depth process includes: 1) detailed construction estimates with supporting engineering documents if necessary; 2) detailed and verified inventory and contents schedules with correct valuation and supporting documentation; 3) in-depth business interruption coverage analysis which includes projections and forecasts; and 4) assistance with additional living expenses and/or loss of rent.

Phase Four: Presentation of the Property Damage Claim

Once the complete extent of the loss has been determined a document of losses is prepared and undergoes a complete review by our South Jersey-based staff. Your claim is then itemized into the specific classifications, which correspond to the various policy provisions that apply. An exhaustive review of the documents is made with you, the property owner and, with your approval the property insurance claim is submitted to the insurance carrier.

Phase Five: Settlement Negotiations

Nottingham initiates claims status follow-ups, upon your approval and on your behalf to accelerate the processing of the claim. Our public adjuster team also makes themselves available to respond to any claim explanations requested by the insurance company.  It is to be expected that there may be some negotiations regarding the claim, which comes right down to justifying the value and authenticity of the claim details.  A well-defined position that is professionally documented should gain the respect of the insurance company representative. In addition Nottingham Adjustments expertise and qualifications in fielding any questions should lead to a just settlement of your claim. It should be duly noted that your claim will not be settled without your prior approval, and you will be kept entirely in the loop as negotiations move along.