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Mold Damage Claim?

We are Mold Damage Insurance Claim Pros!

MoldDamageMost if not all insurance policies available today either exclude mold or put special limits on the mold coverage. These mold claims are not easy to adjust and are often times insurance claims are denied or paid way to low depending on how it is presented to the insurance company. If you suspect you have a mold problem contact us immediately and we will send out one of our experienced insurance adjusters to evaluate the situation. We feel we have a bit of an advantage dealing with mold claims as we have several years of experience settling mold insurance claims…we know mold!


Have you suffered a loss to your property and now suspect you have a mold damage claim?

At Nottingham Adjustment, we specialize in helping people like you with mold damage claims. Our years of experience as public adjusters enable us to put a precise dollar value on your loss and fight aggressively to recover it from your insurance company. We don’t work for the insurance company, we work directly for you with ONLY your best interests at hand…let us fight for you! Your insurance company has an adjuster on staff to work on its behalf. These adjusters are paid and trained by your insurance company; do they have your best interest in mind? Think about it. Insurance companies do not make money paying claims, the claims division is more than likely their largest expense and therefore the easiest place for them to increase their bottom line.

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MoldDamage2We are state licensed public insurance adjusters. Dan Brown, the President of Nottingham Adjustment brings experience working on both sides of the fence, being trained by the large insurance companies he knows their procedures and policies, and how they are trained to react. That’s right, he used to be an adjuster for the other side. His know-how on working on both sides has helped many homeowners achieve the mold insurance claim settlement that they deserved.

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