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Hail Damage Claim?

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Did you know that large hail stones can fall from the sky at speeds above 100 miles per hour? Hail storms can and will damage Automobiles, House Siding and of course Roofs. In fact, on average hail causes more than $1 billion dollars in damage to properties and crops every year.   When there is damage to your car or siding it is typically pretty obvious, the tricky part of hails storms is identifying hail damage to your roofing system.

These roofing systems need to be inspected by a qualified roof inspector that has specific training and experience dealing with hail damage to roofs.   It is much different than looking at a roof after a hurricane where there will most likely be missing shingles and damage that is visible from the ground. Identifying hail strikes that damage a roof can sometimes be difficult to see even when on the roof unless you have experience and know exactly what you are looking for.

If there has been a hail storm in your area we highly recommend having your roof inspected by a qualified roofing professional. If you are located in an area that we service, we will gladly inspect your roof at no upfront charge to you as the homeowner.

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