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Fire Damage Claim?

We are Fire Insurance Claim Settlement Pros!

FireDamageNJ fire damage claims are by all means some of the most intricate homeowners insurance claims. There are obvious visible damages, but smoke, ash and water contamination is not simple to detect or treat efficiently. You really need to think about your house a few years down the road, will the odor come back? Are there unknown contaminants or residues in your home that could be dangerous to you and your family?

Call our NJ public adjuster company 24/7/365 if your property has sustained fire damage. We arrive at your residential or commercial property fast, assess the damage and immediately jump-start the insurance adjuster process so you can get the maximum recovery.

As public adjusters, we take great care to scrutinize all of the aspects of your damage and make a exhaustive outline on the details and what is needed to be done to get you back to where you were before the loss, so you can relax in your home again. We understand that your home is your most important life investment, and your homeowners’ insurance premiums have been paid in an effort to protect that.

Our quick response time and decades of experience are crucial in evaluating fire damage to your home or business. Nottingham Adjustment Public Adjusters are skilled in the proper construction methods and we use the very same claim estimating tools used by the homeowner’s insurance companies to develop a precise estimate of damages that will benefit you in your fire damage insurance claim.

Our soleFireDamage2 purpose at Nottingham Adjustment, as licensed public adjusters is to help people like you with your claim. We are fanatical about put the right dollar value on your loss and fight hard to recover it from your insurance company. We don’t work for the insurance company, we work directly for you with ONLY your best interests at hand…let us fight for you!

The insurance company has their own adjuster employees working on its behalf. These insurance adjusters are compensated and trained by your insurance company; do they have your best interest in mind when evaluating your insurance claim? Think about it for a moment. Insurance companies do not make any money paying claims on your homeowners insurance, and actually, the property claims division is more than likely their biggest cost and therefore the easiest place for them to improve their bottom line. In short, their interest is to offer a smaller home insurance claim settlement.

If you have been a victim of Fire Damage,
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We are state licensed public insurance adjusters. Dan Brown, the President of Nottingham Adjustment brings experience working on both sides of the fence, being trained by the large insurance companies he knows their procedures and policies, and how they are trained to react. That’s right, he used to be an adjuster for the other side. His know-how on working on both sides has helped many homeowners achieve the insurance claim settlement that they deserved.

You probably have enough to deal with right now and insurance claim filing assistance should be quite appealing. Our job includes the preparation of building damage estimates; contents inventory lists and documenting your other losses. Let us handle all those tedious tasks of compiling, filing, dealing with any problems/disputes and settling claims.

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